Citrix Hypervisor

Monitoring System Performance

The Performance tab in Citrix Hypervisor Center provides real time monitoring of performance statistics across resource pools. This tab also provides graphical trending of virtual and physical machine performance.

  • You can view up to 12 months of performance data and zoom in to take a closer look at activity spikes. To learn more, see Viewing performance data.
  • By default, graphs showing CPU, memory, network I/O, and disk I/O are displayed on the tab. However, you can add more performance data and change the appearance of the graphs. To learn more, see Configuring performance graphs
  • Performance alerts can be generated when the following resources go over a specified threshold on a managed server, virtual machine, or storage repository:

    • CPU
    • Memory usage
    • Network
    • Storage throughput
    • VM disk activity

    For more information, see Configuring performance alerts.


Full performance data is only available for virtual machines with Citrix VM Tools installed.

Monitoring System Performance

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