Citrix Hypervisor

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Updates to Citrix Hypervisor Center are released frequently. When a new version of Citrix Hypervisor Center is available, Citrix Hypervisor Center displays the notification Citrix Hypervisor Center Update in the menu bar.

Changes in Citrix Hypervisor Center 1.2.1

  • Usability improvements to the Rolling Pool Upgrade wizard:

    • The full name of the VM is displayed, not a shortened version to enable users to correctly map pre-checks problems to the correct VM.
    • The upgrade logs now include event timestamps by default.

      To change this setting, go to Tools > Options > Display > Log consoles options > Show timestamps on the upgrade log consoles.

  • When updates are partially installed in a pool, the update list on the pool General tab now shows in red those updates where homogeneity is required and separately in the normal color those updates where homogeneity is not required with a clear indication which ones are which. Previously, all partially applied updates were shown in red regardless of their homogeneity requirements.

  • Updates to third-party libraries.

  • Improvement to wording in the proxy and timeout options.

Changes in Citrix Hypervisor Center 1.2.0

  • Citrix Hypervisor Center updates can be downloaded and applied from within the UI. For more information, see Updating Citrix Hypervisor Center.

  • PuTTY is no longer bundled with Citrix Hypervisor Center (previously XenCenter). To launch an SSH console to a Citrix Hypervisor server by using Citrix Hypervisor Center, you must install an external SSH console tool and ensure that Citrix Hypervisor Center is configured to use it. For more information, see Configure Citrix Hypervisor Center to use an external SSH console.

What’s new