Citrix Hypervisor

Networking best practices

It is important both for the security and the performance of your pool to set up your management network according to these best practices.

Management network traffic

We strongly recommend that your management network contains only Citrix Hypervisor servers. Do not use the management network for your own VMs or virtual appliances. Some Citrix virtual appliances, such as the license server virtual appliance, can be located on the management network.

Do not set up any unnecessary services inside the management network.

In the router for the management network, set up a network flow control policy to block any address that consumes too much traffic on the management network.

Management network restrictions

We strongly recommend that you set up a layer 3 firewall around your management network. Configure the firewall to allow only the following traffic:

Inbound connections on port 443 from the following endpoints:

  • Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Delivery Controllers
  • System that host Citrix Hypervisor Center
  • Connector Appliances
  • Citrix Hypervisor servers and pools on other networks that you want to migrate VMs to

Outbound connections to the following endpoints:

  • One or more defined NTP servers
  • One or more defined DNS servers
  • One or more defined DHCP servers (if you use DHCP for your management interface)
  • Your license server - if located outside the management network
  • Ports the Connector Appliances use to provide updates to Citrix Hypervisor
Networking best practices