Citrix Hypervisor

Update your hosts

Citrix Hypervisor 8 Cloud release stream and the Hypervisor Management service work together to enable you to apply continuous updates to your on-premises Citrix Hypervisor servers and pools from Citrix Cloud.

Diagram showing the topology described in the following text.

  • Connect to your Citrix Cloud account from any supported browser to use the Hypervisor Management service.

  • The Hypervisor Management service can connect to and register any of your on-premises Citrix Hypervisor 8 Cloud pools that are in a resource location containing Connector Appliances.

  • We make updates available for Citrix Hypervisor 8 Cloud on a regular basis in our secure CDN.

  • See when updates are available for your pool in the Hypervisor Management service. Use this service to choose when you apply updates to your pool.

Get started

To manage updates to your Citrix Hypervisor deployment using this preview you must meet the following requirements:

  1. You must have a Citrix Cloud account.

    You can sign up for a Citrix Cloud account at the onboarding page:

    For more information about Citrix Cloud, see the product documentation.

  2. Connect your Citrix Hypervisor pool to Citrix Cloud

After you have set up your Citrix Cloud account and connected your Citrix Hypervisor pool to it, you can manage updates to your pool from Citrix Cloud. For more information, see Administer Citrix Hypervisor updates from Citrix Cloud.

Update your hosts

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