Fixed issues

This article lists issues present in previous releases that are fixed in this release.


  • When adding a new host to a clustered pool with a VLAN on the clustering network, you might receive the error “This server needs to have one (and only one) IP address on the network that will be used for clustering”. This also applies if you have the VLAN on top of a bonded cluster network. (CA-306864)

  • Don’t assign more than 32GB of memory to Dom0, as otherwise intermittent VM freezes, often during boot of VMs, can occur. (CA-236674)

  • In Citrix Virtual Desktop Director, VM consoles did not display for XenServer 7.5 and XenServer 7.6. (CA-309048)

  • The Distributed Virtual Switch Controller web console does not load correctly in Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge browsers. (CA-298945)

  • When the Demo Linux Virtual Appliance first boots it fetches its IP address from a DHCP server, even if you have specified that it use a static IP address. (CA-292640)


  • In XenServer 7.6, the RRDs for NVIDIA vGPUS do not work and graphs of these performance metrics cannot be viewed in XenCenter. (CA-300751)


  • A performance issue was introduced when fixing an issue with Windows 10 1803 VMs. The performance issue has now been fixed. (CA-303359)

  • For a VM created from the ‘Other install media’ template, QEMU does not start and the VM hangs in the following cases:

    • If you live migrate the VM from a XenServer 7.5 or earlier host to a XenServer 7.6 host
    • If you suspend the VM on a XenServer 7.5 or earlier host and attempt to resume the VM on a XenServer 7.6 host

    When this happens, no error is displayed and the VM might incorrectly appear to be running when viewed in XenCenter. (CA-309144)

  • VM metadata backups can fail intermittently when the pool backup metadata VDI gets full. The default size of the pool backup metadata VDI has been increased to 500MiB. (CA-311705)


  • With XenCenter 7.6, when you apply an update from a third party with the after-apply guidance restarthost, the host is not restarted at the end of the process. (CA-298913)

  • In XenCenter 7.6 and earlier, XenCenter did not prevent the creation of VDIs that are larger than the maximum supported size. (XSI-465)

Fixed issues