How to Get Help and Support

If you’re experiencing an issue that requires technical help, click the Help icon on the top-right of the screen in the ITM Portal. Then select Customer Support. This will take you to the Customer Support page on the ITM portal with information on how to Open a Support Case with Citrix Support. Support & Services

How to Open a Support Case with Citrix Support

Citrix Support Organization ID

The Citrix Support Organization ID is the ID that you will use when you open a support case with Citrix Support. Contact your Citrix ITM CSM to get an Org ID if you don’t have one already.

Support & Services

Note When contacting Citrix Support, reference the product as Intelligent Traffic Management (ITM).

Open a Support Case

  1. Go to the Citrix website

  2. On the homepage select Support & Services.

    Support & Services

  3. On the Support and Services page, select Contact Support.

    Contact Support

  4. On the Contact Support page, select Open or view case.

    Open or View Case

  5. Log in to your account with your Citrix user name and password. If you don’t have a Citrix account ask your ITM Account Manager to help you create one.

    log-in page

  6. On the Open Support Cases page, select Open a Case.

    Open a Case

  7. Select the type of issue you are currently experiencing.

    Select type of issue, product and version

  8. From the drop down list, Select the product having an issue.

  9. Specify the Product Version.

    Note To ensure a quick resolution, please provide sufficient details of the request in the Description field, such as license code, product, error message, order number, etc.

  10. Once all fields are complete and the ticket has been submitted, you will receive an email confirmation.

  11. You can check the status of your ticket by logging in to your Citrix account.

Merge your Cedexis account with your Citrix Cloud account

This process will help you link your Cedexis/Citrix ITM legacy portal account to the Citrix Cloud account used for Citrix billing and management.

To merge the two accounts do the following:

  1. Create a Citrix Cloud account with a user email that is also in your ITM portal account.

  2. On the Citrix Cloud dashboard, add ITM to your Citrix Cloud account by clicking Request Trial on the Intelligent Traffic Management tile.

    Citrix Cloud Dashboard

As long as the user email exists in your ITM portal account already, both accounts will be automatically linked.

Note This process supports the transition to Citrix and does not have any impact on your current functionality or data contained in your ITM account.

After the initial Citrix Cloud login to ITM, you can continue to login to the ITM portal via the legacy login.

If this process does not link your ITM accounts as expected, contact your customer support manager for assistance.

How to Get Help and Support