Business Analytics

Business Analytics reports offer a powerful view into the performance and business KPI data collected while visitors are on your site. Following a brief description of the reports are details on how to pivot, filter, and customize the reports.

Business Analytics Reports

The Business Analytics Data menu includes the following reports:

  1. Dashboard – High level view of KPIs and performance data.
  2. Performance Report – Business KPI measurement data over time.
  3. Funnel Report – Visualize each step of a user path of interest.
  4. Histogram Comparison Report - Compare performance data with business KPIs.


Business Analytics Funnel

This report provides a powerful high level view of performance and KPI business analytics data.

Performance Report

Business Analytics Performance

This report shows the business KPI performance over time broken down by measurement type.

The report gives insight into performance data over time per value selected.

Funnel Report

Business Analytics Funnel

This report provides a powerful visualization of a user-defined “funnel” of data.

Select each Page Category desired, in the order desired, to see the number of sessions and the performance at each step.

Histogram Comparison Report

Business Analytics Histogram Comparison

This report shows a statistical distribution of performance data, with a powerful overlay of business KPI data.

Select the KPI of interest to overlay on top of the session performance data.

Business Analytics