Citrix ADC ingress controller

VIP CustomResourceDefinitions

Citrix provides a CustomResourceDefinitions (CRD) called VIP for asynchronous communication between the IPAM controller and Citrix ingress controller.

The IPAM controller is provided by Citrix for IP address management. It allocates IP address to the service from a defined IP address range. The Citrix ingress controller configures the IP address allocated to the service as virtual IP (VIP) in Citrix ADX VPX. And, the service is exposed using the IP address.

When a new service is created, the Citrix ingress controller creates a CRD object for the service with an empty IP address field. The IPAM Controller listens to addition, deletion, or modification of the CRD and updates it with an IP address to the CRD. Once the CRD object is updated, the Citrix ingress controller automatically configures Citrix ADC-specfic configuration in the tier-1 Citrix ADC VPX.


The VIP CRD is not supported for OpenShift routes. You can use OpenShift ingress to use the VIP CRD.

Deploy the VIP CRD

Deploy the VIP CRD using the following command:

kubectl create -f
VIP CustomResourceDefinitions