Citrix ADC ingress controller

Entity name change

While adding the Citrix ADC entities, the Citrix ingress controller maintains unique names per Ingress, service or namespace. Sometimes, it results in Citrix ADC entities with large names even exceeding the name limits in Citrix ADC.

Now, the naming format in the Citrix ingress controller is updated to shorten the entity names. In the updated naming format, a part of the entity name is hashed and all the necessary information is provided as part of the entity comments.

After this update, the comments available on lbvserver and servicegroup entity names provides all the necessary details like the ingress name, ingress port, service name, service port, and the namespace of the application.

Format for comments

Ingress: ing:<ingress-name>,ingport:<ingress-port>,ns:<k8s-namespace>,svc:<k8s-servicename>,svcport:<k8s-serviceport>

Service of type LoadBalancer: lbsvc:<k8s-servicename>,svcport:<k8s-serviceport>,ns:<k8s-namespace>

The following table explains the entity name changes introduced with the Citrix ingress controller version 1.12.

Entity Old naming format New naming format Description/Comments
csvserver (ingress) k8s- k8s- no changes
csvserver (type LoadBalancer) k8s-apache_default_80_svc k8s-apache_80_default_svc Now, the port is followed by a namespace
lbvserver (type LoadBalancer) k8s-apache_default_80_svc_k8s-apache_default_80_svc k8s-apache_80_lbv_wlikeqxno5vunbthsoj4lxegk7cddh6p Comment: lbsvc:apache,svcport:80,ns:default The comment for type LoadBalancer is now different
servicegroup (type LoadBalancer) k8s-apache_default_80_svc_k8s-apache_default_80_svc k8s-apache_80_sgp_wlikeqxno5vunbthsoj4lxegk7cddh6p The suffix sgp is added
cspolicy or csaction or responder policy k8s-web-ingress_default_443_k8s-frontend_default_80_svc k8s-frontend_80_csp_267pneiak5rw6hoygvrqrzpm4k6thz2p Moved service-name, service-port to the beginning, added suffix of cs, hashed ingress-name, ingress-port, and namespace
lbvserver (ingress) k8s-web-ingress_default_443_k8s-frontend_default_80_svc k8s-frontend_80_lbv_267pneiak5rw6hoygvrqrzpm4k6thz2p Comment: ing:web-ingress,ingport:5080,ns:default,svc:frontend,svcport:80 Suffix lbv and comment added to the entity
servicegroup (ingress) k8s-web-ingress_default_443_k8s-frontend_default_80_svc k8s-frontend_80_sgp_267pneiak5rw6hoygvrqrzpm4k6thz2p Suffix sgp is added.
lbvserver (UDP) k8s-web-ingress_default_9053-udp_k8s-bind_default_53-udp_svc k8s-bind_53-udp_lbv_uyomblblagixrtw3cxrf23tak6wkpfmw -udp is still appended to the port as earlier.

When you upgrade from an older version of the Citrix ingress controller to the latest version, the Citrix ingress controller renames all the entities with the new naming format. However, the Citrix ingress controller does not handle the downgrade from the latest version to an older version.

Entity name change