Assign subscribers

Manage your microapps’ subscribers to enable the microapp pages and notifications for specific users and user groups within your organization. Subscriptions are managed as individual users or as groups. Subscriptions are managed at the microapp level and assigned to each microapp individually.

Enable administrator access

Before you begin, grant correct administrator access to add subscribers to your microapps. Use this delegated permissions process to enable administrators to add subscribers.

  1. After signing in to Citrix Cloud, select Identity and Access Management from the menu, and select Administrators.

    The console shows all the current administrators in the account.

  2. Locate the administrator that you want to manage, select the menu (ellipsis) button, and select Edit Access.
  3. Select Custom access.
  4. Ensure the following check boxes are selected and then select Save:
    • Under General Management, select Domains and Library.
    • Under microappsNew, select Administrator, Full Access.

Granting correct admin access

Repeat this procedure for all administrators who need to add subscribers. For more information about managing administrators including adding new administrators, see Add administrators to a Citrix Cloud account.


Granting domains and library admin access allows administrators to assign resources. For more information, see Assign users and groups to service offerings using Library.

Manage subscribers

Now add specific users and user groups within your organization. Remember, subscriptions are managed at the microapp level and assigned to each microapp individually. To subscribe users to a subset of functionalities it is better to separate applications into multiple microapps.

Follow these steps:

  1. From the Integrations page, select the microapp that you want to add subscribers to, and select Subscriptions.

    Find subscriptions

  2. Under Step 1: Choose a domain, select the domain that you would like to use for this microapp.
  3. Under Step 2: Choose a group or user, use the search to find the groups or users that you want to subscribe to the microapp. Select one or more groups or users.

    Select domain and users or groups

Subscribers are shown in the following subscribers list. You can check to make sure that their status shows as Subscribed.

Subscribers added to list


After you unsubscribe users or groups from a microapp, there is a delay of approximately five minutes until changes take effect in Citrix Workspace. During this time, users can still access these affected microapps in Citrix Workspace.

Where to go next

To learn more about defining identity providers and accounts, see Identity and Access Management.

Assign subscribers