Customizing a linked record detail page


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For this example, we want to build a detail page for the previous Example, Customizing an Action Page for an existing integration.


This process assumes you added a microapp to an existing integration, and that you have completed an action page as described in Example: Customizing an action page for an existing integration.

Let’s build a page with a full list of details for our field Opportunities that are valued at over $100,000, and create a link in our action page to link to each entry.

Add the Page

Create a Page with details that you want to populate the microapp.

  1. From the Integrations page, select the microapp to which you want to add the linking page.
  2. Select Pages, and + Add Page.
  3. Give the Page a name.
  4. Select a starting template for the page:
    • Detail
    • Form
    • Table
    • Static content

    For this example, let’s create a Detail.

    The following screenshot shows what the New Page screen looks like. Data source is prepopulated since you started with a template integration:

    Add new page templates; Detail, Form, Table, Static content

  5. To set the table columns that you want your page to be prepopulated with, click Select Fields and select related field names.

    For this example, keep all check boxes selected because we want to populate the page with all these details. Clear any check boxes you do not want to show.

  6. Select Set Columns, and Add.

The new page is added to the Pages list and is ready to be configured. In the builder this page looks something like the following screenshot since we have all columns selected: New action page

You can now create any page layout you require using the customizable page elements in the builder. For this example, we will leave the details page as-is.

For this example, we’re going to add a page-linking action to another page to open this new detail page.

  1. Return to the previous page we created in Example, Customizing an Action Page for an existing integration. Select the page from the breadcrumb menu at the top of the screen.
  2. Select Action on the right column, and under Go to Page select the name of the page you want to link to.
  3. Select Set Filter.
  4. Enter the Constraints for the filter, and select SAVE.

    For this example, we’ll set the constraints as shown in the following screenshot. Use for the last field.

    Data filter constraints

The table with your populated and filtered columns now appears in the component pane with a View Details link shown in the right column. When a user selects this link, the detail page opens for that opportunity.

From here, you can preview this microapp and add related pages or notifications.

Customizing a linked record detail page