HR Self-Service

Today’s workers remain plagued by endless stacks of apps and logins. They spend the equivalent of a full workday each week searching systems and hunting down information, and fail to take advantage of available company benefits.

It is more essential than ever that businesses rethink their people strategies by placing new emphasis on delivering a best-in-class employee experience that differentiates and elevates the business. Leveraging a new portfolio of HR self-service microapps within the workspace, organizations can improve process efficiency, time savings, and reduce HR case volume.

Citrix Workspace is unique in its ability to offer an indistinguishable experience to users regardless of location or device. It’s always the same, ensuring that employees remain productive and secure. To help you get started, we have identified specific HR self-service workflows that results in improved process efficiency, time savings, and reduced HR case volume.


This workflow is available via our out-of-the-box template integrations with Workday and SAP SuccessFactors and addresses these use cases.

Request PTO – Quickly submit time off requests.

PTO Balance - Personalized view of remaining time-off days.

PTO Workflow

Users – Provides a table view of users with search functionality and a link to user details.

Courses - Provides a list of available courses with a link to learning item details.

Scheduled Offering Detail – Detailed view of a scheduled offering with a list of instructors and an option to register for the offering.

Courses Workflow

Integrations and microapps

This workflow requires these integrations and the following microapps.


Set up the Workday integration to get started. Manage subscribers for these microapps to enable the workflow:

  • Enable Create PTO Request microapp to submit a paid time-off (PTO) request.

  • Enable PTO Balance microapp to view a personalized list of remaining time-off days.

SAP SuccessFactors

Set up the SAP SuccessFactors integration to get started. Manage subscribers for these microapps to enable the workflow:

  • Enable Directory microapp to search, view, and edit employees with corresponding details.

  • Enable Learning microapp to search, view, share, and register available learning courses.

HR Self-Service