Canvas LMS connector specifications

Deploy the Canvas LMS integration to view courses, create course announcements, manage course enrollment, and view student’s grades.

  • As a student, view courses and their related details.
  • As a teacher, create a course announcement, view/add course members, and view student’s grades.

Version Details

This Canvas LMS integration and microapps support the latest Canvas REST API’s.






Service Actions

  • Create Course Announcement - Teachers create an announcement for a course.
  • Accept Invitation - Students accept a course invitation.
  • Reject Invitation - Students reject a course invitation.
  • Create Invitation - Teachers invite a student to a course.

Key Entities

The following are the main business entities that this connector addresses:

  • Accounts
    • Courses
      • Enrollments
        • Announcements
      • Assignments
      • Files
      • Grades
      • Tabs
    • Users
Canvas LMS connector specifications