GoToMeeting connector specifications

Deploy the GoToMeeting integration to schedule GoToMeetings from any device or intranet. With the Citrix GoToMeeting Create a Meeting microapp, any user can host one-time meetings.

Version Details

Citrix GoToMeeting Microapp supports the latest GoToMeeting REST APIs v1: https://developer.goto.com/GoToMeetingV1/






Service Actions

  • Create Meeting with co-organizer - This service action helps the user to schedule a meeting with the pertinent details such as Subject, Time, Password, and Co-Organizer.
  • Create Meeting without Co-organizer - This service action helps the user to schedule a meeting with the pertinent details, such as Subject, Time, and Password (without co-organizer).

Key Entities

The following are the main business entities that this connector addresses:

  • all_organizers

  • upcoming_meetings


  • Users Endpoint - https://api.getgo.com/admin/rest/v1/accounts//users

  • Upcoming Endpoint - https://api.getgo.com/G2M/rest/organizers//upcomingMeetings

  • Upcoming Endpoint does not have feasibility to set pagination as Api doesn’t Support for this End point.

  • If MeetingID alone is set as Primary Key, Records get duplicated in below scenario. If the meeting is scheduled along with co-organizers, multiple records are created in cache with the same Meeting ID. To overcome this issue, we have used a composite Primary Key consisting of Meeting ID and email ID.


Entities with Attributes

The following is a full list of entities and their attributes:


  • account_key: LONG
  • conference_call_info: STRING(255)
  • email: STRING(255)
  • end_time: STRING(255)
  • first_name: STRING(255)
  • last_name: STRING(255)
  • locale: STRING(255)
  • meeting_id: INTEGER
  • meeting_type: STRING(255)
  • organizer_key: LONG
  • password_required: BOOLEAN
  • start_time: STRING(255)
  • status: STRING(255)
  • subject: STRING(255)


  • can_authenticate: BOOLEAN
  • email: STRING(255)
  • email_locked: BOOLEAN
  • first_name: STRING(255)
  • identity_read_only: BOOLEAN
  • invite_count: INTEGER
  • invited_date: LONG
  • key: STRING(255)
  • last_name: STRING(255)
  • locale: STRING(255)
  • name_locked: BOOLEAN
  • password_created: BOOLEAN
  • settings_g_2_m_attendee_l: BOOLEAN
  • settings_g_2_m_chat_enabl: BOOLEAN
  • settings_g_2_m_chroma_cam: BOOLEAN
  • settings_g_2_m_dial_out_a: BOOLEAN
  • settings_g_2_m_dial_out_e: BOOLEAN
  • settings_g_2_m_enabled_da: LONG
  • settings_g_2_m_keyboard_m: BOOLEAN
  • settings_g_2_m_meetin_1: BOOLEAN
  • settings_g_2_m_meeting_hu: BOOLEAN
  • settings_g_2_m_npa_confir: BOOLEAN
  • settings_g_2_m_npa_enable: BOOLEAN
  • settings_g_2_m_npa_same_a: BOOLEAN
  • settings_g_2_m_online_1: BOOLEAN
  • settings_g_2_m_online_2: BOOLEAN
  • settings_g_2_m_online_3: BOOLEAN
  • settings_g_2_m_online_rec: BOOLEAN
  • settings_g_2_m_open_m_1: BOOLEAN
  • settings_g_2_m_open_meeti: BOOLEAN
  • settings_g_2_m_privat_1: BOOLEAN
  • settings_g_2_m_private_co: BOOLEAN
  • settings_g_2_m_recording: BOOLEAN
  • settings_g_2_m_room_syste: BOOLEAN
  • settings_g_2_m_standa_1: BOOLEAN
  • settings_g_2_m_standalone: BOOLEAN
  • settings_g_2_m_toll_acces: BOOLEAN
  • settings_g_2_m_toll_enabl: BOOLEAN
  • settings_g_2_m_toll_f_1: BOOLEAN
  • settings_g_2_m_toll_free: BOOLEAN
  • settings_g_2_m_ux_2019_ac: BOOLEAN
  • settings_g_2_m_ux_2019_en: BOOLEAN
  • settings_g_2_m_voip_acces: BOOLEAN
  • settings_g_2_m_voip_enabl: BOOLEAN
  • settings_g_2_m_web_vi_1: BOOLEAN
  • settings_g_2_m_web_viewer: BOOLEAN
  • settings_g_2_m_webcam_ena: BOOLEAN
  • settings_g_2_mfree_attend: BOOLEAN
  • settings_g_2_mfree_chat_e: BOOLEAN
  • status: STRING(255)
  • time_zone: STRING(255)
GoToMeeting connector specifications