Jira connector specifications

Integrate with Jira to track issues and get automated updates about tasks on any device, intranet, or messenger.

Version details

Citrix microapps supports the latest Jira APIs.



Custom endpoints are not supported.


GET /rest/api/3/serverInfo
GET /rest/api/3/field
GET /rest/api/3/project deprecated
GET /rest/api/3/issuetype
GET /rest/api/3/priority
GET /rest/agile/1.0/sprint/{sprintId}
GET /rest/agile/1.0/board/{boardId}
GET /rest/api/3/issue/{issueIdOrKey}
GET /rest/api/3/issue/createmeta
GET /rest/api/3/issue/{issueIdOrKey}/transitions


POST /rest/api/3/issue
PUT /rest/api/3/issue/{issueIdOrKey}/assignee
POST /rest/api/3/issue/{issueIdOrKey}/comment

Service Actions

  • Create Issue - creates ticket in the source system
  • Create Sub-task - creates sub-task in the source system
  • Move Ticket (change/update Status) - changes status of the ticket in the source system
  • Assign User (change Assignee) - changes assignee of the ticket in the source system
  • Add Comment - adds comment to the ticket in the source system

Key Entities

The following are the main business entities that this connector addresses:

  • projects
  • sprints
  • tickets
  • users

Entities with Attributes

The following is a full list of entities and their attributes (Jira v.0.1.0):

comment (List of JIRA comments)

  • comment_id: INTEGER(x32), PK
  • issue_key: STRING(32), FK(ticket.issue_key)
  • body: STRING(-1)
  • author_base_name: STRING(255), FK(user.name)
  • author_name: STRING(255)
  • author_email: STRING(255)
  • update_author_base_name: STRING(255), FK(user.name)
  • update_author_name: STRING(255)
  • update_author_email: STRING(255)
  • created_date: DATETIME
  • updated_date: DATETIME

field_meta (Field Metadata for particular issue type and project or issue key)

  • id: STRING(40), PK
  • project_id: INTEGER(x32), FK(project.id)
  • issue_type_id: INTEGER(x32), FK(issue_type.id)
  • issue_key: STRING(32), FK(ticket.issue_key)
  • key: STRING(32)
  • name: STRING(255)
  • required: BOOLEAN
  • has_default_value: BOOLEAN
  • can_add: BOOLEAN
  • can_set: BOOLEAN
  • can_remove: BOOLEAN

field_value (Allowed or default field values)

  • id: STRING(32), PK
  • field_meta_id: STRING(40), PK, FK(field_meta.id)
  • name: STRING(255)
  • value: STRING(255)
  • default_value: BOOLEAN

issue_type (Jira Issue types)

  • id: INTEGER(x32), PK
  • description: STRING(255)
  • icon_url: STRING(255)
  • name: STRING(255)
  • subtask: BOOLEAN
  • avatar_id: INTEGER(x32)

priority (Jira priorities)

  • id: INTEGER(x32), PK
  • name: STRING(32)
  • status_color: STRING(32)
  • description: STRING(255)
  • icon_url: STRING(1000)

project (Jira projects)

  • id: INTEGER(x32), PK
  • key: STRING(32)
  • name: STRING(32)
  • project_type_key: STRING(32)

project_issue_type (Jira Project Issue types assignment)

  • project_id: INTEGER(x32), PK, FK(project.id)
  • issue_type_id: INTEGER(x32), PK, FK(issue_type.id)

sprint (List of JIRA sprints)

  • sprint_id: INTEGER(x32), PK
  • sprint_name: STRING(32)
  • board_id: INTEGER(x32)
  • board_name: STRING(1000)
  • sprint_state: STRING(1000)
  • start_date: DATETIME
  • end_date: DATETIME
  • complete_date: DATETIME

ticket (List of JIRA tickets)

  • issue_id: INTEGER(x32)
  • issue_key: STRING(32), PK
  • issue_type: STRING(255), FK(issue_type.name)
  • issue_type_icon: STRING(1000)
  • summary: STRING(255)
  • description: STRING(-1)
  • project_key: STRING(32), FK(project.key)
  • parent_key: STRING(32)
  • status: STRING(255)
  • status_icon: STRING(1000)
  • reporter_name: STRING(255), FK(user.name)
  • reporter_display_name: STRING(255)
  • reporter_email: STRING(255)
  • assignee_name: STRING(255), FK(user.name)
  • assignee_display_name: STRING(255)
  • assignee_email: STRING(255)
  • priority: STRING(255), FK(priority.name)
  • priority_icon: STRING(1000)
  • created_date: DATETIME
  • updated_date: DATETIME
  • time_logged: STRING(255)
  • time_logged_seconds: INTEGER(x32)
  • sprint_id: INTEGER(x32), FK(sprint.sprint_id)
  • fix_versions: STRING(1000)
  • affects_versions: STRING(1000)
  • components: STRING(1000)
  • labels: STRING(255)
  • pending_flag: BOOLEAN
  • task_status: STRING(50)
  • pending_assignee_login: STRING(128)
  • pending_assignee_display_name: STRING(250)
  • pending_assignee_email: STRING(128)

ticket_transition (List of JIRA ticket transitions)

  • issue_key: STRING(32), PK, FK(ticket.issue_key)
  • transition_id: INTEGER(x32), PK
  • transition_name: STRING(255)
  • to_state_id: INTEGER(x32)
  • to_state_name: STRING(255)
  • project_name: STRING(255)

user (List of JIRA users)

  • name: STRING(255), PK
  • display_name: STRING(255)
  • email_address: STRING(255)
  • active: BOOLEAN
Jira connector specifications