RSS connector specifications

Integrate with RSS to follow the RSS feed of any chosen online channel. Acting as a news aggregator, Citrix Workspace Microapps allows users to keep track and read the content posted on many different websites in a single place. With this workflow, you remove the need to manually check the website for new content.

Version details

Citrix microapps supports the latest RSS APIs.



Custom endpoints are not supported.


  • uri


The following are the main business entities that this connector addresses:

  • items
  • categories

There is no ability to customize used tables or attributes.

Service Actions



New Item Available - New RSS item is available

Security Page Filters

No filters needed for RSS Micro App (Items).

Entities with Attributes

The following is a full list of entities and their attributes (RSS v.0.1.0):


  • id: STRING(40), PK, FK(
  • name: STRING(100), PK


  • id: STRING(40), PK
  • guid: STRING(500)
  • title: STRING(200)
  • url: STRING(500)
  • comments_url: STRING(500)
  • published_at: DATETIME
  • updated_at: DATETIME
  • author: STRING(100)
  • description: STRING(2000)
RSS connector specifications