RSS connector specifications

Integrate with RSS to follow the RSS feed of any chosen online channel. Acting as a news aggregator, Citrix Workspace Microapps allows users to keep track and read the content posted on many different websites in a single place. With this workflow, you remove the need to manually check the website for new content.

Version details

Citrix microapps supports the latest RSS APIs.


  • uri


The following are the main business entities that this connector addresses:

  • items
  • categories

Service Actions



New Blog Post - New RSS item is available

Security Page Filters

No filters needed for RSS Microapp (Items).

Entities with Attributes

The following is a full list of entities and their attributes (RSS v.0.1.0):


  • channel_atom_link_href: STRING(40)
  • channel_atom_link_rel: STRING
  • channel_atom_link_type: STRING
  • channel_description: STRING
  • channel_feed_asset_id: INTEGER
  • channel_feed_asset_seo: STRING
  • channel_feed_asset_subtype: STRING
  • channel_feed_asset_type: STRING
  • channel_language: STRING
  • channel_last_build_date: STRING
  • channel_title: STRING, PK
  • channel_ttl: INTEGER
  • version: DOUBLE
  • xmlns_atom: STRING
  • xmlns_metadata: STRING


  • id: STRING(40), PK
  • guid: STRING(500)
  • title: STRING(200)
  • url: STRING(500)
  • published_at: DATETIME
  • author: STRING(100)
  • description: STRING(2000)
  • guid_is_perma_link: BOOLEAN
  • metadata_id: INTEGER
  • metadata_sponsored: STRING
  • metadata_type: STRING
RSS connector specifications