Webex connector specifications

Deploy the Citrix Webex integration to schedule Webex Meetings from any device or intranet. Users can host one-time/recurring meetings, add invitees and co-hosts, and select from different timezones.

Version Details

Citrix Webex microapp supports the latest Cisco Webex REST APIs v1: https://developer.webex.com/docs/api/v1



Custom API endpoints are not supported.


People Endpoint - https://webexapis.com/v1/people



Service Actions

  • ScheduleMeeting - This service action helps the user to schedule a meeting with the pertinent details, such as duration, invitees, and subject.

Key Entities

The following are the main business entities that this connector addresses:

. people

. people_emails

. meetings

Entities with Attributes

The following is a full list of entities and their attributes:


  • created: TIMESTAMP
  • display_name: STRING(255)
  • first_name: STRING(255)
  • id: STRING(255)
  • invite_pending: BOOLEAN
  • last_activity: TIMESTAMP
  • last_modified: TIMESTAMP
  • last_name: STRING(255)
  • login_enabled: BOOLEAN
  • nick_name: STRING(255)
  • org_id: STRING(255)
  • status: STRING(255)
  • type: STRING(255)


  • value: STRING(255)
  • parent_id: STRING(255), FK(people.id)
  • unique_id: STRING(36)
  • root_id: STRING(255)


  • start: TIMESTAMP
  • end: TIMESTAMP
  • timezone: STRING(255)
  • password: STRING(255)
  • host_display_name: STRING(255)
  • host_email: STRING(255)
Webex connector specifications