Getting started


  • Microapp integration templates are deprecated and will be unavailable after July 1, 2022.
  • After this period, the integration is end-of-life and no longer available for use.
  • For more information and a list of deprecated integrations, see Deprecation.

This article guides you through getting started with Citrix Workspace Microapps. Before you begin onboarding, make sure you consult the following articles about how credentials and data are handled and security guidance for deploying the service’s management console:

Add administrators

Enable correct administrator access to add subscribers to your microapps. Use this delegated permissions process to enable admins to add subscribers. For more information about managing access and subscribers, see Assign subscribers.

  1. After signing in to Citrix Cloud, select Identity and Access Management from the menu, and select Administrators. The console shows all the current administrators in the account.
  2. Locate the administrator that you want to manage, select the menu (ellipsis) button, and select Edit Access.
  3. Select Custom access.
  4. Ensure the following check boxes are selected and then select Save:
    • Under General Management, select Domains and Library.
    • Under microappsNew, select Administrator, Full Access. Granting correct administrator access

Repeat this procedure for all administrators who need to add subscribers. For more information about managing administrators including adding new administrators, see Add administrators to a Citrix Cloud account.


Granting domains and library admin access allows administrators to assign resources. For more information, see Assign users and groups to service offerings using Library.

Customize Workspace UI

Enable the Workspace UI for Microapps, notifications, and the activity feed by customizing the Workspace UI.

  1. After signing in to Citrix Cloud, select Workspace Configuration from the menu.
  2. Select Customize and then Features.
  3. Toggle the switch to Enabled, and select Save. Enable Workspace UI

Have users set up Workspace app

For your subscribers to use the workspace and access the apps, they must download and use the Citrix Workspace app or use the workspace URL. You must have a few SaaS apps published to your workspace to test the Microapps solution.

The Workspace app can be downloaded from Citrix Downloads. In the Select a product list, select Citrix Workspace app.

Whitelist URLs

If you have an outbound firewall configured, ensure that access to the following domains is allowed:

  • https://*.cloud.com

  • https://*.citrixdata.com

For more information, see Internet Connectivity Requirements.

Review prerequisites for integrations

Before setting up an integration, review the following:

  • Review the best practices to resolve security, legal, and development issues before setting up integrations. For more information, see Best practices for application integrations.

  • Review our specifications documentation for target applications. Each application integration article has a link to its respective technical specification.

Set up integrations

Now you’re ready to set up an integration. Citrix Workspace Microapps has a large selection of out-of-the-box integrations for you to use. For more information about template integrations, see Template integrations and their microapps. Follow the steps to set up an application integration.

Or you can develop your own low-code HTTP integrations from scratch. For more information about planning and building a custom integration, see Build a custom application integration.

Where to go next

It’s time to set up your microapps. For more information about customizing microapps, see Create microapps.

Manage access and subscribers. For more information, see Assign subscribers.

Getting started