Integrate SAP Ariba

Integrate with SAP Ariba to review and approve requisition requests without requiring any additional logins.

Use the following process to enable the SAP Ariba integration. Ensure you meet the prerequisites, set up the integration in SAP Ariba, then collect the OAuth Client ID and Application Key. After you complete this process, your existing level of audit logging persists, including any actions carried out by the use of Citrix Microapps.

For a comprehensive list of out-of-the-box SAP Ariba microapps, see Use SAP Ariba microapps.

Review prerequisites

After you set up this integration in SAP Ariba, you will need these artifacts to add the integration in Citrix Workspace Microapps:

  • OAuth Token URL
  • OAuth Client ID
  • OAuth Client Secret
  • Application Key
  • Realm ID


It is recommended that you always use OAuth 2.0 as your service authentication method where available. OAuth 2.0 ensures that your integration meets the maximum security compliance with your configured microapp.

  • Your organization must be in United States or Europe.
  • You must have a current license for an SAP Ariba Solution or an Ariba Network Solution component.
  • You must have an SAP Ariba Open APIs Administrator Account. Your organization’s SAP Ariba Administrator can request access to the SAP Ariba Open APIs Developer Portal from one of the following links:

  • Configure Citrix Gateway to support single sign-on for SAP Ariba so that once users log in they are automatically logged in again without having to enter their credentials a second time. Follow the instructions in Ariba Single Sign-on Configuration. For more information about configuring SSO, see Citrix Gateway Service.

Set up the SAP Ariba integration

  1. Log in to with an administrator account.
  2. On the welcome page, select Create application.
  3. To create a new application, enter an Application Name and Description, and select Submit.

    Your application is sent to the SAP Ariba Open APIs Team for approval.

Collect the OAuth Client ID and Application Key

After your application is approved, you receive an email with the OAuth secret token. The SAP Ariba Open APIs Team sets up and enables the back end with your realm ID.


You cannot proceed until you receive the approval email.

  1. Log in and go to the Manage Applications page.
  2. Select the application your created.
  3. Copy the OAuth Client ID and Application key. Save them in a secure place for later use when you add the integration to Citrix Workspace Microapps.

Add the integration to Citrix Workspace Microapps

Add the SAP Ariba integration to Citrix Workspace Microapps to connect to your application. This delivers out-of-the-box microapps with pre-configured notifications and actions which are ready to use within your Workspace.

Follow these steps:

  1. From the Microapps overview page, select Get Started.

    The Manage Integrations page opens.

  2. Select Add New Integration, and Add a new integration from Citrix-provided templates.
  3. Choose the Ariba tile.
  4. Enter a name for the integration.

    Ariba connector parameters, API URL, OAth Token URL, OAth Client ID, OAuth Client Secret, Application Key, Realm ID

  5. Enter the Connector parameters that you collected in the previous procedures.
    • Enter your API URL and OAuth Token URL credentials for your target systems service authentication.
    • Enter your OAuth Client ID and Client Secret.
    • Enter your Application Key and Realm ID.
    • Toggle Sandbox if you require your data to load into a sandbox environment.
    • Enter a value for Request rate limit, max requests/s to Ariba services. This field is mandatory and determines the number of calls per second. Speak with your Ariba representative about limits for your instance to configure the value properly. We recommend 10 calls/second or less as an initial safe rate if the rate limit is not known. Zero can be used to fully disable all limitations. However, too high of a request rate can result in access denial.
    • Select a value for Change id, where full synchronization begins. When full synchronization starts limiting the amount of data loading, older changes are skipped during full synchronization. Leave this value empty to load everything.
    • (Optional) Enable Ignore 400 Bad Request response during synchronization toggle to recover from 400 Bad Request response errors. If any Ariba records are deleted during synchronization, the Ariba API returns an error as the data requested does not exist anymore. A warning is generated in the log.
  6. Select Add.

The Microapp Integrations page opens with your added integration and its microapps. From here you can add another integration, continue setting up your out-of-the-box microapps, or create a new microapp for this integration.

You are now ready to set and run your first data synchronization. As a large quantity of data can be pulled from your integrated application to the Microapps platform, we recommend you use the Table page to filter entities for your first data synchronization to speed up synchronization. For more information, see Verify needed entities. For complete information about synchronization rules, synchronization that does not meet its schedule and veto rules, see Synchronize data.

For more details of API endpoints and table entities, see Ariba connector specifications.

Use SAP Ariba microapps

Existing application integrations come with out-of-the-box microapps. Start with these microapps and customize them for your needs.

Our SAP Ariba integration comes with the following preconfigured out-of-the-box microapps:

Requisition Approval: View requisitions with details that are pending approval, and an action to approve.

Notification or Page Use-case workflows
Pending Approval (change) notification When details of a purchase requisition awaiting approval are changed, the approver receives a notification.
Pending Approval (new) notification When a new purchase requisition is awaiting approval, the approver receives a notification.
Requisition Change notification When the status of a new purchase requisition is changed, the user receives a notification.
Requisition Created notification When a new purchase requisition is created (meaning submitted or being composed), the user receives a notification.
Approval Requests page Provides a personalized list of approval requests and a link to more details.
Requisition Detail page Provides a detailed view of a requisition and an actionable approval button.
Integrate SAP Ariba