Integrate Qualtrics

Deploy the Qualtrics integration to receive notifications about surveys that require a response, view active surveys requiring attention, and also to allow the survey manager to access survey statistics. Qualtrics APIs and this integration require token based authentication. No service actions are supported. All user updates to surveys are executed through deep links.


We want your feedback! Please provide feedback for this integration template as you use it. For any issues, our team will also monitor our dedicated forum on a daily basis.

Review prerequisites

These are the values that you enter in Citrix Workspace Microapps:

  • Base URL: https://{instance server location code}.qualtrics.com/API/v3/
  • Token Parameter: X-API-Token
  • Token: The token permits API access. See Generate token.


We recommend that you always use OAuth 2.0 as your service authentication method where available. OAuth 2.0 ensures that your integration meets the maximum-security compliance with your configured microapp.

Create a new service account

The integration requires access to your Qualtrics instance. We recommend creating a dedicated user account for each functional group using Qualtrics, such as Sales, Customer Satisfaction, or Customer Success. As a result, the statistics gathered from Qualtrics surveys can be tailored for their functional group.

This account must have the following permissions: Brand Admin role. In a Qualtrics implementation with more than one admin, any projects that belong to another Brand Admin must be shared through collaboration with the integration brand admin account to be available in the integration. Alternately, an integration can be created for each Brand Admin in the enterprise.

Generate token

You need to generate a token for API access to Qualtrics.

  1. Navigate to PM:URL needed
  2. Select Account Setting and then the Qualtrics IDs tab.
  3. Under API, select Generate Token.
  4. Copy and save the token for adding the integration in the next procedure.

Add the integration to Citrix Workspace Microapps

Add the Qualtrics integration to Citrix Workspace Microapps to connect to your application. The authentication options are preselected. Ensure that these options are selected as you complete the process. This delivers out-of-the-box microapps with pre-configured notifications and actions that are ready to use within your Workspace.

Follow these steps:

  1. From the Microapp Integrations page, select Add New Integration and Add a new integration from Citrix-provided templates.
  2. Choose the Qualtrics tile.
  3. Enter an Integration name for the integration.
  4. Enter Connector parameters.
    • Enter the instance Base URL:
    • Select an Icon for the integration from the Icon Library, or leave this as the default icon.

    Connector parameters

  5. Under Service Authentication, select API Keys from the Authentication method menu and enter the token value that you collected in the Value field.

    API keys

  6. Leave the Enable request rate limiting toggle as disabled.
  7. Leave Request timeout as default.
  8. (Optional) Enable Logging toggle to keep 24 hours of logging for support purposes.
  9. Select Save to proceed.

    Request rate

The Microapp Integrations page opens with your added integration and its microapps. You are now ready to set and run your first data synchronization. For complete information about synchronization rules, synchronization that does not meet its schedule and veto rules, see Synchronize data.

For more details of API endpoints and table entities, see Qualtrics connector specifications.

Use Qualtrics microapps

My Surveys: Find all active surveys that are emailed to users. Notifications are sent when a survey is sent to a user and 24 hours before a survey expires.

Notification or Page Use-case workflows
New Survey notification When a new survey is created, a notification is sent to the user listed as the contact.
Survey about to expire notification When a survey is due to expire in 24 hours, a notification is sent to the user listed as the contact.
My active Surveys page Provides a personalized list of active surveys with a link to survey details.
Survey details page Provides a detailed view of a survey with a link to button to Respond to Survey in Qualtrics.

Qualtrics Survey Statistics: For Brand Admins to manage surveys. Review statistics on active surveys. Notifications sent 24 hours before a survey expires with basic performance stats and the ability to deep link.

Notification or Page Use-case workflows
Active Survey Stats notification When a survey is due to expire in 24 hours, a notification is sent to subscribers.
Distribution Data page Provides details of a survey, with a link to Review Distributions.
Open Surveys page Provides a list of surveys, with a link to more details.
Results of a Survey Provides results of a survey with a link to Distribution Statistics.
Integrate Qualtrics