System requirements


  • The mobile device must be on the same network (Wi-Fi or a local area network) as the workspace hub.
  • Do not block Port 55555 between the mobile device and the workspace hub.
  • For Citrix Casting, do not block port 1494.
  • Port 55556 is the default port for SSL connections between mobile devices and the Citrix Ready workspace hub. You can configure a different SSL port on Pi’s settings page. If the SSL port is blocked, users cannot establish SSL connections to the hub.

Citrix Virtual Desktops

Citrix Ready workspace hub is supported on Citrix XenDesktop 7.6 and later.

  • For session roaming, ensure that Citrix Ready workspace hub can access HDX servers (VDA).
  • For session roaming and screen casting, ensure the Use video codec for compression policy in Citrix Studio is set to For the entire screen. Failure to do so might cause performance issues.


  • Citrix Ready workspace hub
  • Two monitors (for dual monitor setups only)
  • Mobile device running Citrix Workspace app
  • HDMI cable and power supply
  • Micro USB to USB A Cable (if a secondary display adapter [SDA] is used)
  • Optional hardware, such as a USB keyboard, USB mouse, or headphones
  • SDA powered by Raspberry Pi Zero

As of October 2018, we support devices running on the following operating systems and versions of Citrix Receiver or Citrix Workspace app:

  • Android: Citrix Receiver 3.13.5 and later; Citrix Workspace app for Android 1808 and later
  • iOS: Citrix Workspace app for iOS 1810.1 and later
  • Mac: Citrix Workspace app for Mac 1808 and later (Screen casting only)
  • Windows: Citrix Workspace app for Windows 1809 and later (Screen casting only)
System requirements