Install the Citrix SD-WAN Center certificate

To establish a connection between Citrix SD-WAN Center and Citrix SD-WAN Master Control Node (MCN), download the SSL certificate from the SD-WAN Center and installing it on the MCN.

To download and install the Citrix SD-WAN certificate:

  1. In the Citrix SD-WAN Center web interface, on the Configuration tab, select Network Discovery.

  2. On the SSL Certificate page, click Download Certificate.

    This opens a file browser on your computer for selecting the download location. Navigate to the desired location and save the certificate.

  3. Log into the Citrix SD-WAN Master Control Node web interface.

  4. Click the Configuration tab.

  5. In the navigation tree (left pane), click the + icon next to the Virtual WAN branch.

  6. Select SD-WAN Center Certificates.

    localized image

  7. On the SD-WAN Center Certificates page, next to the Install Certificate field, click Browse.

    This opens a file browser on the local PC for selecting the file you want to upload. Select the certificate file you just downloaded, and click Open.

  8. Click Upload and Install.

    This uploads the certificate file to the master control node (MCN) and displays a success message when installation is complete.

  9. Click Continue.

    This displays the MCN Management Web Interface Dashboard page. At this point, you can log out of the MCN (optional).

Install the Citrix SD-WAN Center certificate