Switch the active storage to new data storage

In Citrix SD-WAN Center, you can switch the active storage to the data store you created on your virtual server. This allows you to store more statistics data obtained by polling all the Citrix SD-WAN appliances in the WAN.  For information on creating a datastore on ESXi server, see  Adding and Configuring the Datastore on ESXi Server. For information on creating a datastore on XenServer, see Adding and Configuring the Data Storage on XenServer

To specify the active storage for the Citrix SD-WAN Center VM:

  1. Log into Citrix SD-WAN Center VM.

    The default login credentials for Citrix SD-WAN Center are as follows:

    Login: admin

    Password: password

  2. Click the Administration tab and then click Storage Maintenance.

    localized image

  3. In the Active column of the Storage Systems table, select the storage you created.

  4. Select Migrate Data and click Apply.

  5. The Delete All Existing Files message appears, click Switch.

    localized image

    This places Citrix SD-WAN Center into Maintenance Mode and displays a progress bar in the main page area.

  6. When the activation completes, click Continue.

    This dismisses the progress bar and returns to the main Storage Maintenance page.

Switch the active storage to new data storage