Partner administration

Partners can manage user accounts, licenses, and customer announcements using the Administration options.

User settings

In this User Settings page, partner manages access privileges for users and admins.

User settings

You can add admins by using the Identity and Access Management option on Citrix Cloud. All the admins with “Full access” on the partner’s Citrix Cloud account automatically get populated in their Orchestrator account.

Identity and access management

In Citrix Cloud, navigate to Identity and Access Management > Administrators > Citrix Identity. Enter the admin email address and click Invite.

For more information, see Onboarding.


Partners can use the Announcements option to send out announcements or notifications to their customers.

You can create partner announcement by clicking the + New option.

Provider announcements

Provide a subject line and enter content in HTML or plain text format. You can also set the announcement expiration.

New announcement

For information about licensing and license usage insight, see Licensing.

Partner administration