Inter-link communication

Inter-link communication settings are used for auto-path creation between compatible WAN links. You can override these settings under Site Configuration and Virtual Paths, wherein you can select or unselect individual member paths for a given virtual path.

Currently, the following two settings are available:

  • Rules to automate the creation of paths between compatible WAN links.
  • Global defaults for Dynamic Virtual Paths

These settings are inherited by all WAN links in the customer network.

Click Verify Config to validate any audit error.

Default inter-link communication groups are intended at automating the creation of paths between:

  • Any two internet links
  • Any two MPLS links that share the same service provider, and
  • Any two Private Intranet links that share service provider

Custom inter-link communication groups enable private intranet or MPLS links to automatically create paths with other Private Intranet or MPLS links across varying service providers.

For example, consider this scenario - A company has offices in the US and India. The US offices use AT&T MPLS links, while the India offices use Airtel MPLS links. Let’s say AT&T and Airtel MPLS links are compatible in terms of DSCP tags and related parameters and are amenable for the creation of paths with each other. Custom inter-link communication rules allow you to select an ISP pair (for example ATT – Airtel in this case) and enable auto-creation of paths among the links belonging to these ISPs.

Auto path rules