Network configuration

This section offers enterprise network level configuration capabilities, and the starting point for configuring the SD-WAN network of an enterprise.

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This section act as an anchor for network configuration. The Home page provides the ability to initiate most of the commonly needed configuration actions from here, such as the ability to:

  • Add a site
  • Batch add multiple sites at once
  • Deploy configuration or upgrade software, and track the progress
  • Perform operations, such as backup config, open saved config, import or export config, add region or group and so on.

All the configured sites are displayed here, enabling you to edit, update, delete, reset, or clone configuration of any site. You can also reboot the device(s) associated with a site.

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You can upgrade the SD-WAN software on all the appliances across the network, by simply selecting an appliance software version in the Software Version field.

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A confirmation message appears. Click Proceed.

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The + Add Site option can be used to add a new site. For more information on site configuration workflow, see Site Configuration.

The Batch Add Sites option allows you to quickly add several sites, in one go, as a batch. You can also select a site profile to be used for each site, leaving you only with unique parameters such as IP addresses that remain to be configured for each site.

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The Deploy Config/Software option allows you to deploy the current configuration and software across the network, once the sites are configured. For more information on the deployment process, see Deployment Tracker section.

Following are some of the additional actions available under More Actions:

  • Backup Config: Back up current configuration as a checkpoint for future use.
  • Open Saved Config: Restore one of the previously saved configurations, and have that serve as the active configuration for the network.
  • Import Config: Browse and import a previously saved configuration file.
  • Export Config: Save and export the current configuration in JSON format.
  • Add Region: Create a Region.
  • Add Group: Create of a Custom Group of sites.

Deployment tracker

The Deploy Config/Software option in the Network Configuration - Home section takes you to the Deployment Tracker section to help verify the configuration, stage, and activate the same across the network.

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In the Current Deployment section, click Verify to verify the current configuration, and ensure the configuration compiles without any errors. Errors, if any, are displayed to help resolve them. Once the verification of configuration is successful, click Stage to distribute the configuration files to all the appliances in your network. Click Activate to activate the staged configuration on all the sites across the network.

The Deployment History section helps to review the previous deployment operations and results.

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Configuration checkpoints

You can backup network configurations as checkpoints using the Save New Version option. You can also open one of the saved checkpoints, and activate the same to have it serve as the active configuration for the network.

To view the configurations, navigate to Configuration > Network Configuration > Configuration Checkpoint.

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On opening a saved configuration checkpoint, you can view the difference between the currently active configuration and the saved checkpoint that you are looking to activate. This allows you to review the differences, and consciously take a call whether to proceed with the activation of the saved checkpoint or not.

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The Export JSON option allows you to download the configuration in JSON format, for offline review.

The Import JSON option allows you to browse and import a configuration in JSON format.