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Network segmentation

Network segmentation allows you to provide constructs that help in creating logical segments within a network.

To view network segmentation, navigate to Configuration > Network Segmentation.

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You can add firewall zones and routing domains that can be used across the customer network.

Firewall zones

A user can create zones and assign them to the following types of objects:

  • Virtual Network Interfaces (VNI)
  • Intranet services
  • GRE tunnels
  • LAN IPsec tunnels

Default_LAN_Zone: Applies to traffic to or from an object with a configurable zone, where the zone has not been set.

Internet_Zone: Applies to traffic to or from an Internet service using a Trusted interface.

Untrusted_Internet_Zone: Applies to traffic to or from an Internet service using an Untrusted interface.

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Routing domains

Routing Domains are used for segregate traffic through VLAN. Once the routing domains are created, you can reference them at the global level for Intranet services or at the interface level.

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Network segmentation