Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

You can configure your SD-WAN appliances as either DHCP Servers or DHCP Relay agent. The DHCP server feature allows devices on the same network as the SD-WAN appliance’s LAN/WAN interface to obtain their IP configuration from the SD-WAN appliance. The DHCP relay feature allows your SD-WAN appliances to forward DHCP packets between DHCP client and server.

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DHCP server

Citrix SD-WAN appliances can be configured as DHCP server. It can assigns and manages IP addresses from specified address pools within the network to DHCP clients. The DHCP server can be configured to assign other parameters such as the DNS IP address and default gateway. DHCP server accepts address assignment requests and renewals. The DHCP server also accepts broadcasts from locally attached LAN segments or from DHCP requests forwarded by other DHCP relay agents within the network.

To configure DHCP server, in the Site configuration page, navigate to Configuration > DHCP Server & Relay > Server Subnets.

Select the Virtual interface to be used to receive the DHCP requests. The IP Subnet to which the DHCP server provides the IP addresses is auto-populated.

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Enter the Domain Name, Primary DNS, and Secondary DNS. The DHCP Server forwards this information to the DHCP clients.

Configure dynamic IP address pools that will be used to allocate IP addresses to clients. Specify the range starting and ending IP address and select the DHCP profile.


The DHCP profiles are groups of DHCP settings that can be applied to individual IP address ranges. For more information, see DHCP profiles.

Configure individual hosts that require a fixed IP address based on the MAC address. Enter the Fixed IP Address, MAC Address, and select a DHCP profile.

DHCP relay

Citrix SD-WAN appliance can be configured as a DHCP relay. It relay DHCP requests and replies between local DHCP Clients and a remote DHCP Server. It allows local hosts to acquire dynamic IP addresses from the remote DHCP Server. Relay agent receives DHCP messages and generates a new DHCP message to send out on another interface.

To configure DHCP server, in the Site configuration page, navigate to Configuration > DHCP Server & Relay > Relays.

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Select a Virtual Interface that communicates to a remote DHCP Server. Enter the DHCP Server IP that the relay uses to forward the request and response from the clients.

You can configure a single DHCP Relay using a common Virtual Network Interface and point it to multiple DHCP Servers.

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol