Citrix SD-WAN Platforms

Prepare the Site and Rack

There are specific site and rack requirements for the SD-WAN 4100/5100 appliance. You must make sure that adequate environmental control and power density are available. Racks must be bolted to the ground, have sufficient airflow, and have adequate power and network connections. Preparing the site and rack are important steps in the installation process and help ensure a smooth installation.

Site Requirements

The appliance should be installed in a server room or server cabinet with the following features:

Environment control

An air conditioner, preferably a dedicated computer room air conditioner (CRAC), capable of maintaining the cabinet or server room at a temperature of no more than 27 degrees C/80.6 degrees F at altitudes of up to 2100 m/7000 ft, or 18 degrees C/64.4 degrees F at higher altitudes, a humidity level no greater than 45 percent, and a dust-free environment.

Power density

Wiring capable of handling at least 4,000 watts per rack unit in addition to power needs for the CRAC.

Rack Requirements

The rack on which you install your appliance should meet the following criteria:

Rack characteristics

Racks should be either integrated into a purpose-designed server cabinet or be the floor-to-ceiling type, bolted down at both top and bottom to ensure stability. If you have a cabinet, it should be installed perpendicular to a load-bearing wall for stability and sufficient airflow. If you have a server room, your racks should be installed in rows spaced at least 1 meter/3 foot apart for sufficient airflow. Your rack must allow your IT personnel unfettered access to the front and back of each server and to all power and network connections.

Power connections

At minimum, two standard power outlets per units.

Network connections

At minimum, Ethernet connection per rack unit.

Space requirements

Two empty rack units for SD-WAN 4100/5100 appliances.

You can order the following rail kits separately.

  • Compact 4-post rail kit, which fits racks of 23–33 inches.
  • 2-post rail kit, which fits 2-post racks.
Prepare the Site and Rack