Citrix SD-WAN Platforms

Unpack the Appliance

Unpack the box that contains your new appliance on a sturdy table with plenty of space and inspect the contents.

If you have ordered Citrix SD-WAN 4100, 5100, or 6100, use the following list to verify that you received everything that must have been included in the box.

  • The appliance you ordered
  • One RJ-45 to DB-9 adapter
  • One 6 ft RJ-45/DB-9 cable
  • Two power cables
  • One standard 4-post rail kit

In addition to the items included in the box with your new appliance, you need the following items to complete the installation and initial configuration process.

  • Ethernet cables for each additional Ethernet port that you connect to your network
  • One available Ethernet port on your network switch or hub for each Ethernet port you want to connect to your network
  • A computer to serve as a management workstation


If the kit that you received does not fit your rack, contact your Citrix sales representative to order the appropriate kit.

Unpack the Appliance