Deployment Modes

SD-WAN 1000, 2000, and 2100 SE appliances have one recommended deployment mode: Inline. This mode is commonly used without high availability (high availability), and less commonly with high availability.

Although not all of the following modes are recommended currently, the following modes are supported:

  • Inline mode
  • Inline mode in high availability
  • Virtual inline mode
  • Virtual inline mode in high availability

The forwarding modes are:

  • Inline mode, in which the appliance transparently accelerates traffic flowing between its two Ethernet ports. In this mode, the appliance appears (to the rest of the network) to be an Ethernet bridge. Inline mode is recommended, because it requires the least configuration.
  • Virtual inline mode, in which a router sends WAN traffic to the appliance and the appliance returns it to the router. In this mode, the appliance appears to be a router, but it uses no routing tables. It sends the return traffic to the real router. Virtual inline mode is recommended when inline mode and high-speed WCCP operation are not practical.
  • High availability mode, which allows to appliances to operate as an active/standby high availability pair. If the primary appliance fails, the secondary appliance takes over.

Deployment Modes