Citrix SD-WAN Platforms

Initial Configuration

The appliance shipped from Citrix has default IP addresses configured on it. To deploy the appliance on the network, you must configure the appropriate IP addresses on the appliance to accelerate the network traffic.

You can connect the ethernet cable to the appliance management port, and login to the web management interface using the default IP address.

To perform initial configuration:

  • Identify the prerequisites for the initial configuration.
  • Record various values required in the initial configuration procedure.
  • Configure the appliance by connecting it to the Ethernet port.
  • Perform additional configuration for Windows.
  • Assign management IP address through the serial console.
  • Troubleshoot initial configuration issues.

By default, the initial configuration deploys the appliance in inline mode. If you are configuring a hardware SD-WAN appliance, physically connect the appliance to a PC. Refer to the following link; configuring SD-WAN hardware


On the SD-WAN 410-SE appliance, the default static IP address is It also has DHCP enabled (by default) for Management access. When you enable the SD-WAN service, or install SD-WAN license using default static IP (, this IP is lost.

You should assign a static IP address or be notified of the DHCP IP address that is assigned to this appliance. In order to see the DHCP IP address, you can log into the SD-WAN command line interface using admin/password, to view the management IP address. The LCD console on the 410-SE appliance does not display the IP address.

Initial Configuration