The default static IP address is The static IP address has DHCP enabled (by default) for Management access.

When you enable the SD-WAN service, or install SD-WAN license using the default static IP (, this IP is disabled, and you can obtain DHCP address within the network.

Always assign a Static IP address or be aware of the DHCP address that is assigned to the appliance. To view the DHCP IP address, you can login to SD-WAN CLI (using admin/password) that displays the management IP or go to Configuration -> Appliance Settings > Network Adapters > Ethernet.

  1. Ensure that you have permanent DHCP address assigned to SD-WAN appliances.
  2. The DHCP address should be associated to the management NIC address.
  3. Connect the management NIC address to the DHCP enabled LAN or reboot the appliance when ready.

Before you begin configuring the appliance, make sure that the following prerequisites have been met:

  • You should have physical access to the appliance.
  • In the Worksheet, record all IP addresses and other values you would use to configure the appliance. Preferably, print out the worksheet before you start the configuration process.
  • You should already have a SD-WAN license key from Citrix, sent in an email. If you are using remote licensing, you need the IP address of the licensing server.
  • WAN Send and Receive Speeds.