Citrix SD-WAN Platforms

Citrix SD-WAN 1000 and 2000 WANOP Appliances with Windows Server

SD-WAN supports Windows Server on two hardware platforms – 1000WS and 2000WS. Whereas 2000WS has better performance capacity as compared to the 1000WS, the latter has more RAM and hard disk space.

The SD-WAN WANOP 1000 and 2000 appliances with Windows Server combine virtualized instances of the SD-WAN WAN optimization appliance with Windows Server virtual machine installed on the appliance. The Windows Server instance is a fully licensed version of Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard Edition.

The SD-WAN 1000 and 2000 WANOP appliances with Windows Servers are based on the Citrix branch architecture, which supports multiple virtual machines. All branch appliances contain an SD-WAN instance, a management service instance, and a Xen hypervisor. In addition, the SD-WAN 1000 and 2000 appliances with Windows Server include a Windows Server instance, which runs independently of the SD-WAN WANOP instance.

As shown in the following figure, the Windows Server, and the WANOP instance are partly isolated from one another, because the accelerated bridges are accessible only to the accelerator. This allows the accelerator and the Windows Server to be placed at different points in your LAN topology.

The SD-WAN WANOP instance is typically used in inline mode, with the SD-WAN instance interposed between the WAN router and the LAN, so WAN traffic flows through the accelerated bridge. The SD-WAN WANOP instance can also be deployed in WCCP or virtual inline modes, using a single accelerated bridge port.

The Windows server is deployed in a one-armed configuration in the same local LAN in which you would deploy any other server.

In addition to the accelerated bridges and the Windows LAN port, a management port connects to all virtual machines (instances) and the hypervisor.

The appliance has two modes, two-port mode and four-port mode, which determine how ports 1/3 and 1/4 are used.

The Citrix Compliance Regulatory Models are:

  • SD-WAN 1000WS WANOP: CB 504-2
  • SD-WAN 2000WS WANOP: NS 6xCu
Citrix SD-WAN 1000 and 2000 WANOP Appliances with Windows Server

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