Citrix SD-WAN Platforms

Additional Configuration for Windows

You can use the Windows management tools to perform additional configuration, such as configuring ports and other Windows services, on the Windows instance.

To perform additional configurations for Windows

  1. Open a remote desktop (RDP) session to the IP address of the Windows instance from your Worksheet.
  2. Log on to the Windows instance with the following credentials:
    • Username: Administrator
    • Password: password
  3. Use interface AUX for Windows Server traffic. This port has a Windows Device Description of “Citrix PV Ethernet Adapter #1: 0/2.” Set it to use an IP address and network mask in the network that you chose for the Windows adapter.
  4. Enable Windows services for access to services, such as domain services, printer definitions, and user rights.
  5. Define only a single default gateway. Add non-default routes as appropriate for your installation.
Additional Configuration for Windows