Accelerating an Entire Site

Inline mode, Accelerating All Traffic on a WAN shows a typical configuration for inline mode. For both sites, the appliances are placed between the LAN and the WAN, so all WAN traffic that can be accelerated is accelerated. This is the simplest method for implementing acceleration, and it should be used when practical.

Because all the link traffic is flowing through the appliances, the benefits of fair queuing and flow control prevent the link from being overrun.

In IP networks, the bottleneck gateway determines the queuing behavior for the entire link. By becoming the bottleneck gateway, the appliance gains control of the link and can manage it intelligently. This is done by setting the bandwidth limit slightly lower than the link speed. When this is done, link performance is ideal, with minimal latency and loss even at full link utilization.

Accelerating an Entire Site

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