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Citrix SD-WAN license options

There are three Citrix SD-WAN Editions each with a different set or subset of SD-WAN features. The type of license you install determines the platform edition - Standard Edition, WANOP, and Premium Edition appliances.


When installing and applying a license, make sure that your specific appliance supports the SD-WAN appliance edition you want to enable, and that you have the correct software version available.

Citrix SD-WAN platform software support

The following table illustrates which Citrix SD-WAN platforms are supported for each of the available SD-WAN software versions.


In release version 10.1, the Enterprise platform edition is rebranded to “Premium” edition.

Version WAN Optimization Edition Standard Edition Enterprise Edition
Release 7.x Yes No No
Release 8.x No Yes No
Release 9.0 No Yes Yes
Release 9.1, 9.2, 9.3 Yes Yes Yes
Release 10.0 Yes Yes Yes
Release 10.1 Yes Yes Yes (Premium Edition)

Earlier version of licenses, including those compatible with release 7.x, are not supported with the newer SD-WAN software release. The existing process to obtain SD-WAN licenses remains consistent with the CloudBridge 8.0.x, and 9.0.x releases. Once obtained, the licenses can be activated through the appliance’s management web interface.

The following table lists all the appliance models supported in Citrix SD-WAN release 10.1:

Platform Edition License Model
Standard Edition VPX VPX-020, 050, 100, 200, 500, 1000
Standard Edition 210, 410 210-20, 210-50, 210–100, 410-050, 410-100, 410-200, 410-300
Standard Edition 1000 1000-020, 1000-050, 1000-100
Standard Edition 2000 2000-100, 2000-200, 2000-300
Standard Edition 2100 2100-200, 2100-300, 2100-500, 2100–1000, 2100-1500, 2100-2000
Standard Edition 4100 4100–1000, 4100-2000, 4100-3000
Standard Edition 5100 5100–3000, 5100-4000, 5100-5000
WANOP Edition VPX VPX-2, 6, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200
WANOP Edition 800 800-002, 800-006, 800-010
WANOP Edition 1000 Windows Server 1000WS-006, 1000WS-010, 1000WS-020
WANOP Edition 1000 1000-006, 1000-010, 1000-020
WANOP Edition 2000 2000-010, 2000-020, 2000-050
WANOP Edition 3000 3000-050, 3000-100, 3000-155
WANOP Edition 4000 4000-310, 4000-500, 4000–1000
WANOP Edition 4100 4100-310, 4100-500, 4100–1000
WANOP Edition 5000 5000–1500, 5000-2000
WANOP Edition 5100 5100–1500, 5100-2000
Enterprise Edition 1000 1000-010, 1000-020, 1000-050, 1000-100
Premium (Enterprise) Edition 2000 2000-100, 2000-200, 2000-250
Premium (Enterprise) Edition 2100 2100-200, 2100-300, 2100-500, 2100–1000

VPX-WANOP models allow 2, 6, 10, 20, 50, 100, and 200 Mbps bandwidth licenses. At least two 2.1 GHZ CPUs are required to support the VPX instances.

Before you can download the software, you must obtain and register a Citrix SD-WAN software license. For instructions on obtaining an SD-WAN software license, contact Citrix Customer Support. Instructions for uploading and installing the license file on your appliances are provided in the section, Uploading and Installing the SD-WAN Software License File. Before installing the license, you must first set up the appliance hardware, and set the date and time for the appliance.

The license procedure for provisioning licensing for SD-WAN platform editions covers the following topics:

  • Supported SD-WAN license model: Local, Remote, and Centralized.
  • Remote License Server support for SD-WAN appliances.
  • Pre-requisites for using Remote License Server.

Returning and Reallocating Licenses

To return or reallocate a license, you must use the Citrix SD-WAN Licensing Portal. You also have the option to use the Licensing Portal for license allocation. For instructions, see the Knowledge Base article entitled, “My Account All Licensing Tools User Guide,” at this location:

Citrix SD-WAN license options