Configure Jira

Citrix Gateway SaaS Application

Configuring Jira for SSO enables administrators to manage their users using NetScaler. Users can securely log on to Jira using their enterprise credentials. To configure Jira for SSO through SAML, perform the following:

  1. In a browser, type your organization’s Atlassian cloud URL and press ENTER.

  2. Log on to your Atlassian account.

    Log on page

  3. On the Home page, at the lower-left corner, click the ellipses icon.

    Jira home page

  4. Click Site administration.

    Site administration

  5. On the Administration page, in the ORGANIZATION & SECURITY section, click the organization name for which you want to configure SAML authentication.

    Configure SAML authentication

  6. Click Details and verify the domain.

    SAML details

    To verify the domain, perform the following:

    1. Click the Switch apps icon in the lower-left corner.

    Click to switch apps

    1. Click Site administration.

    Site administration option

    1. Click the organization name.

    Organization name

    1. Click Domains.

    Select domain

    1. You can verify a domain using DNS or HTTPS. For more information about the steps to verify a domain, in the right pane under Domains section, click the Learn more about domain verification link.

    How to verify domain

    1. After completing the steps, click Verify Domain.

    Verify domain

    1. The Status column in the Verified Domains section displays VERIFIED.

    Domain verified status

  7. Click SAML single sign-on.

  8. In the right pane, under SAML Configuration, click Add SAML Configuration.

    Add SAML configuration

  9. In the Add SAML configuration area, specify the following information:

    • Identity Provider Entity ID - type a unique issuer ID. For example: yourcompany_NS_Jira

    • Identity Provider SSO URL - enter the IdP URL.

      Note: You can copy the URL from the Citrix Cloud wizard (Citrix Gateway Service > Add a Web/SaaS App > Single sign on > Login URL).

      Single sign-on url

    • Public x509 Certificate – copy and paste the SAML IdP signing certificate.

      1. Download the certificate from the Citrix Cloud wizard (Citrix Gateway Service > Add a Web/SaaS App > Single sign on > Certificate).

        Sample certificate

      2. Copy the text between —–BEGIN CERTIFICATE—– and —–END CERTIFICATE—–

      3. Paste the text in a text editor and save the file in an appropriate format such as your company name.pem.

  10. Click Save Configuration.

Save configuration

Configure Jira