Configure Citrix RightSignature app

Perform the following steps to configure the RightSignature app.

  1. Sign in to Citrix Cloud using your Citrix credentials.


Keep the following information handy.

  • IDP Issuer / Entity ID - You can fetch this value from Identity and Access Management → Authentication → Admin Sign-in URL.
  • Certificate
    1. Navigate to App Library > Edit Citrix RightSignature > Single sign on.
    2. Click the link under SAML Metadata. SAML link
    3. Copy the certificate (text between ... tags) SAML link
  • Login URL - Navigate to App Library > Edit Citrix RightSignature > Single sign on and copy the Login URL.


  1. Visit the Content Collaboration Services.

  2. Under the Manage tab, navigate to Security > Login & Security Policy.

    Navigation in cloud

  3. Scroll down to the Single sign-on/SAML 2.0 Configuration settings and configure the basic settings:

    Basic settings

    • Enable SAML: Select Yes
    • ShareFile Issuer/Entity ID: Do not change.
    • Your IdP Issuer/Entity ID: copy-paste this value as captured in Step1.
    • X.509 Certificate: Click Change and copy-paste the identity provider certificate as captured in Step1.
  4. Login URL: Use the login URL from Step1.

  5. Click Save.

Configure Citrix RightSignature app