Citrix Secure Private Access

Configure Citrix RightSignature app

Perform the following steps to configure the RightSignature app.

  1. Sign in to Citrix Cloud using your Citrix credentials.


Keep the following information handy.

  • IDP Issuer / Entity ID - You can fetch this value from Identity and Access Management → Authentication → Admin Sign-in URL.
  • Certificate
    1. Navigate to App Library > Edit Citrix RightSignature > Single sign on.
    2. Click the link under SAML Metadata. SAML link
    3. Copy the certificate (text between ... tags) SAML link
  • Login URL - Navigate to App Library > Edit Citrix RightSignature > Single sign on and copy the Login URL.


  1. Visit the Content Collaboration Services.

  2. Under the Manage tab, navigate to Security > Login & Security Policy.

    Navigation in cloud

  3. Scroll down to the Single sign-on/SAML 2.0 Configuration settings and configure the basic settings:

    Basic settings

    • Enable SAML: Select Yes
    • ShareFile Issuer/Entity ID: Do not change.
    • Your IdP Issuer/Entity ID: copy-paste this value as captured in Step1.
    • X.509 Certificate: Click Change and copy-paste the identity provider certificate as captured in Step1.
  4. Login URL: Use the login URL from Step1.

  5. Click Save.

Configure Citrix RightSignature app