Configure Zoom

Citrix Gateway SaaS Application

Configuring Zoom for SSO enables administrators to manage their users using NetScaler. Users can securely log on to Zoom using their enterprise credentials.

  1. In a browser, type and press enter.

  2. Log on to your Zoom account

    Zoom account page

  3. On the My Profile page, in the left pane, under Advanced section, click Single Sign-On.

    Select single sign-on

  4. In the SAML tab, copy the URL that the Vanity URL box displays. This URL is required for NetScaler configurations.

  5. In the Sign-in Page URL box, enter the IdP URL of your NetScaler app: https:// <NetscalerGateway FQDN>/saml/login

  6. In the Sign-out Page URL box, enter https:< NetScaler Gateway FQDN >.com/cgi/tmlogout.

  7. In the Identity provider certificate box, you must paste the Identity provider certificate.

  8. To upload your IdP certificate, perform the following:

    • Remotely access your NetScaler instance using PuTTY.
    • Navigate to the /nsconfig/ssl folder (cd/nsconfig/ssl) and press Enter.
    • Type cat certifcate-name.pem and press Enter.

      Note: This is your SAML IdP signing certificate.

    • Copy the text between —–BEGIN CERTIFICATE—– and —–ENDCERTIFICATE—–

      Certificate sample

  9. Copy the URL displayed by the Service Provider (SP) Entity ID box.

    Service provider URL

  10. In the Issuer (IdP Entity ID) box, type a unique issuer ID and click SaveChanges.

    IdP entity

Configure Zoom