How to whitelist an exceptional URL

When you use a URL Filter to blacklist a category of websites, you might have to whitelist or allow a specific website as an exception. For example, if you prefer to blacklist gaming websites but prefer to whitelist only, you must create a patset with a URL list policy and then, bind the policy to the proxy server with a greater priority than other bound policies.

To create a Pattern Set using the Citrix SWG Wizard

  1. Log on to the Citrix SWG appliance and navigate to Secured Web Gateway > URL Filtering > URL Lists.
  2. In the details pane, click Add.
  3. In the URL List Policy page, specify the policy name.
  4. Select an option to either import a URL Set or create a Pattern Set.
  5. In the Create Pattern tab page, enter a name for the pattern set.
  6. Click Insert to create a pattern.
  7. In the Configure Policy Patset to Pattern Binding page, set the following parameters.
    1. Pattern—A string of characters that constitutes a pattern.
    2. Charset—Character set type defines as ASCII or UTF_8 format.
    3. Index—A user assigned index value, from 1 through 4294967290
  8. Click Insert to add the pattern set and click Close.

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To set priority of the policy expression by using the Citrix SWG GUI:

  1. Log on to the Citrix SWG appliance and navigate to Secure Web Gateway > Proxy Virtual Servers.
  2. In the details page, select a server and click Edit.
  3. In the Proxy Virtual Servers page, go to Policies section and click the pencil icon to edit the details.
  4. Select the patset policy that you created and in Policy Binding page, specify the priority value lower than other bound policies.
  5. Click Bind and Done.
How to whitelist an exceptional URL