Supported hardware and software platforms

The Citrix Secure Web Gateway (SWG) appliance is currently available as a hardware appliance and as a virtual appliance. Detail specifications are available in the data sheet, which is available on Hover the mouse pointer over Products, and in the Networking list, select Citrix Secure Web Gateway.

Before you install your SWG appliance, ensure that you have the correct license(s). Each appliance in a high availability setup requires its own license. For information about the licenses, see License Requirements. For information about high availability, see Introduction to high availability topic.

Hardware appliance (MPX)

  • Citrix SWG MPX 14020/14030/14040
  • Citrix SWG MPX 14020-40G/14040-40G
  • Citrix SWG MPX 14060-40S/14080-40S/14100-40S

Virtual appliance (VPX)

  • Citrix SWG VPX 200
  • Citrix SWG VPX 1000
  • Citrix SWG VPX 3000
  • Citrix SWG VPX 5000
  • Citrix SWG VPX 8000
  • Citrix SWG VPX 10G
  • Citrix SWG VPX 15G
  • Citrix SWG VPX 25G

Hardware appliance (SDX)

SWG instance(s) can be provisioned on any SDX platform by installing “SDX 2-Instance Add-On Pack for Secure Web Gateway” license. With one license install, you can provision two SWG instances on an SDX appliance. You can provision more SWG instances on your appliance by adding more licenses. For more information about provisioning a Citrix SWG instance, see Provisioning Citrix ADC Instances.