Secure Web features

Secure Web uses mobile data exchange technologies to create a dedicated VPN tunnel for users to access internal and external websites and all other websites. The sites include sites with sensitive information in an environment secured by your organization’s policies.

The integration of Secure Web with Secure Mail and Citrix Files offers a seamless user experience within the secure Endpoint Management container. Here are some examples of integration features:

  • When users tap mailto links, a new email message opens in Secure Mail with no additional authentication required.
  • Allow links to open in Secure Web keeping data secure. With Secure Web for iOS and Android, a dedicated VPN tunnel allows users to access sites with sensitive information securely. They can click links from Secure Mail, from within Secure Web, or from a third-party app. The link opens in Secure Web, and the data is securely contained. Users can open an internal link that has the ctxmobilebrowser(s) scheme in Secure Web. In doing so, Secure Web transforms the ctxmobilebrowser:// prefix to http://. To open an HTTPS link, Secure Web transforms ctxmobilebrowsers:// to https://.

This feature depends on an App Interaction MDX policy called Inbound Document Exchange. The policy is set to Unrestricted by default. This setting allows URLs to open in Secure Web. You can change the policy setting so that only apps that you include in an allow list can communicate with Secure Web.

  • When users click an intranet link in an email message, Secure Web goes to that site with no additional authentication required.
  • Users can upload files to Citrix Files that they download from the web in Secure Web.

Secure Web users can also perform the following actions:

  • Block pop-ups.


    Much of Secure Web memory goes into rendering pop-ups, so performance is often improved by blocking pop-ups in Settings.

  • Bookmark their favorite sites.
  • Download files.
  • Save pages offline.
  • Auto-save passwords.
  • Clear cache/history/cookies.
  • Disable cookies and HTML5 local storage.
  • Securely share devices with other users.
  • Search within the address bar.
  • Allow web apps they run with Secure Web to access their location.
  • Export and import settings.
  • Open files directly in Citrix Files without having to download the files. To enable this feature, add ctx-sf: to the Allowed URLs policy in Endpoint Management.
  • In iOS, use 3D Touch actions to open a new tab and access offline pages, favorite sites, and downloads directly from the home screen.
  • In iOS, download files of any size and open them in Citrix Files or other apps.


    Putting Secure Web in the background causes the download to stop.

  • Search for a term within the current page view using Find in Page.

    Image of the Find in Page option

Secure Web also has dynamic text support, so it displays the font that users set on their devices.

Secure Web features

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