Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops

WIA devices


  • The scanner must be WIA compliant.
  • Install the WIA drivers on the local device. They are not required on the server.
  • Attach the scanner locally (for example, through USB).
  • Ensure that the scanner is using the local Windows Image Acquisition service and not the TWAIN driver.
  • Ensure that there is no policy applied to the user account that is used for the test, and which is limiting the bandwidth within the ICA session. For example, client USB redirection bandwidth limit.

Windows Image Acquisition application allow list

An allow list lets you control which applications on the VDA can access the Windows Image Acquisition scanner redirection. The Registry Editor uses input from the allow list setting on each VDA that contains Windows Image Acquisition. By default, no applications have access to Windows Image Acquisition.

To adjust Windows Image Acquisition for applications on the VDA, see the Windows Image Acquisition application allow list setting in the list of features managed through the registry.

For information about policy settings, see WIA devices policy settings.

WIA devices