Run HDX channel system reports

In the User Details view, check the status of the HDX channels on the user’s machine in the HDX panel. This panel is available only if the user machine is connected using HDX.

If a message appears indicating that the information is not currently available, wait for one minute for the page to refresh, or select the Refresh button. HDX data takes a little longer to update than other data.

Click an error or warning icon for more information.


You can view information about other channels in the same dialog box by clicking the left and right arrows in the left corner of the title bar.

HDX channel system reports are used mainly by Citrix Support to troubleshoot further.

  1. In the HDX panel, click Download System Report.
  2. You can view or save the .xml report file.
    • To view the .xml file, click Open. The .xml file appears in the same window as the Director application.
    • To save the .xml file, click Save. The Save As window appears, prompting you for a location on the Director machine to download the file to.
Run HDX channel system reports