Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops

Client sensors policy settings

The Client Sensors section contains policy settings for controlling how mobile device sensor information is handled in a user session.

Allow applications to use the physical location of the client device

This setting determines whether applications running in a session on a mobile device are allowed to use the physical location of the user device.

By default, the use of location information is prohibited

When this setting is prohibited, attempts by an application to retrieve location information return a “permission denied” value.

When this setting is allowed, a user can prohibit use of location information by denying a Citrix Workspace app request to access the location. Android and iOS devices prompt at the first request for location information in each session.

When developing hosted applications that use the Allow applications to use the physical location of the client device setting, consider the following:

  • Ensure a location-enabled application doesn’t rely on location information being available because:
    • A user might not allow access to location information.
    • The location might not be available or might change while the application is running.
    • A user might connect to the application session from a different device that does not support location information.
  • A location-enabled application must:
    • Have the location feature off by default.
    • Provide a user option to allow or disallow the feature while the application is running.
    • Provide a user option to clear location data that the application caches. (Citrix Workspace app does not cache location data.)
  • A location-enabled application must manage the granularity of the location information so that the data acquired is appropriate to the purpose of the application and conforms to regulations in all relevant jurisdictions.
  • Enforce a secure connection (for example, using TLS or a VPN) when using location services. Connect Citrix Workspace app to trusted servers.
  • Consider obtaining legal advice regarding the use of location services.
Client sensors policy settings