Bot dashboard

The bot analytics dashboard provides graphical insights to bot analytics and violation details. You can access the Bot Dashboard on the CWAAP portal to view the bot analytics.

The dashboard displays the details based on the application that you select from the drop-down list. When you select an application, the bot analytics such as violation type, IP address, URL path, or Geolocation are displayed in graphical format. You can selecta analytics type to navigate the log section.


The Applications menu allows you to select a configured asset (or all assets) for your account that has CWAAP Bot enabled. By default, the “All Assets (Combined)” application is selected.

If a selected application has no violation details, the section does not display any graphical data.

Date range filter

The Date Range filter provides two methods for customizing the data to display on the CWAAP Bot dashboard.

Custom date range

The data range picker icon enables you to select a start and end date or select a custom time range.

The calendar icon allows you to quickly navigate through months, as well as years to select the beginning and end dates. You can also manually enter a date.


The maximum number of days in the past that can be captured is ninety (90) days from the current date.

Quick Select Date Range

Instead of creating a custom time frame for your dashboard results, you can use one of the pre-configured quick select date range options. By default, the dashboard displays results for the last seven days (7D).

1H - Displays the result details for the previous hour. 3H - Displays the result details for the previous three hours. 12H - Displays the result details for the previous twelve hours. 1D - Displays the result details for the previous calendar day. 7D - Displays the result details for the previous seven calendar days (week). 30D - Displays the result details for the previous thirty days (calendar month).

Each of the field types displayed in each section is a clickable link that enables you to navigate to the Violation Logs section of the CWAAP portal.

Additionally, each of the results per insight chart is sorted in descending order based upon the number of requests.

Violation types

The Violation Types section displays an insight chart of bot Violations that are captured by bot protection techniquesmeasure type and the total number of requests received for each bot violation type.

The Violation Type chart allows you to hover over a colored section to display the violation type and request count.

Domain target

The Domain Target section displays the IP Address for the domain(s) that were impacted by the captured violations, as well as the total number of requests that were captured.

IP targets

The IP Targets section highlights the specific IP addressess that are impacted, within the targeted Domain(s) for the captured violations. Also it displays the total number of requests that each IP address receives.

URL path

The URL Path section displays various URLs that are targeted and the total number of requests for each URL path. The blue “i” icon next to a URL displays the full URL path name.


The Geolocation section displays the geographical region of the bot violation and also the number of requests that are captured.

Bot dashboard