Fixed issues

Fixed issues in 1904

  • Starting a session after waking a device docked on Samsung DeX can cause Citrix Workspace app for Android to become unresponsive and the following error message appears:

    “Cannot Connect to Server.”


  • When switching between apps, Citrix Workspace app for Android might become unresponsive when returning to the app. [RFANDROID-2906]
  • The menu icon does not work when the app is resized to a lower resolution. [RFANDROID-3110]
  • Unable to copy a large file between the mapped client drive and the session. [RFANDROID-3785]

Fixed issues in 1903.1

  • A toast notification does not appear at logoff. [RFANDROID-3082]
  • In a Citrix Cloud setup, the Try again dialog appears continuously and does not work even when the user confirms the action. [RFANDROID-3108]
  • On a mobile device, when you are accessing applications other than Citrix Workspace app, the following message appears randomly.

    “Cannot connect to Server, Try Again.”


Fixed issues in 1903

  • When you run an HDX session on a Samsung DeX device, a blue screen appears. [RFANDROID-2913]
  • HDX sessions running on Android 9 devices might appear corrupted when you set the color depth to either 8-bit or 16-bit in Citrix Studio. [RFANDROID-2914]
  • When you try to change the password, the previously logged in username appears instead of the currently logged in username. [ RFANDROID-3042]
  • When you move an extended session to the background, the session continues to be displayed on the external monitor. [RFANDROID-3122]

Fixed issues in 1902.1

  • When you launch a session with EDT enabled, a black screen appears. [LD0739]
  • When you change the options for the Extended Keyboard settings, the selection might not be reflected in your session. [RFANDROID-2387]
  • When you undock an Android device from Samsung DeX in an active session, the Num Lock keys are not synchronized. [ RFANDROID-2875]

Fixed issues in 1902

  • On an Android 7 device with a physical keyboard attached, the soft keyboard does not appear when you tap the Keyboard option in the session toolbar. [RFANDROID-1442]
  • In a multi-store StoreFront setup, the Add Account dialog displays stores that were added previously. [RFANDROID-1903]
  • When you try to add a Citrix Cloud account, the Authentication dialog does not appear long enough to enter the details. [RFANDROID-2884]
  • When you try to switch between apps in a session, the following error message appears:

    “Cannot connect to the Server. Try Again”.

    When you tap Try Again, the connection is restored. [RFANDROID-2910]

Fixed issues in 1901

  • When you tap the Details option of an app that has a long name (for example, 64 characters), the app name appears as spilt over and the ellipsis does not appear. [RFANDROID-1894]
  • The username is not autopopulated when you access the Citrix Secure Hub app using the Citrix Workspace app. [RFANDROID-2885]
  • When you tap Refresh, the install status of the app is not updated and is displayed incorrectly. [RFANDROID-2886]