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Fixed issues

Fixed issues in Citrix Workspace app 1808 for Chrome

This release addresses a number of issues that help to improve overall performance and stability.

Fixed issues in earlier releases

  • Citrix Receiver for Chrome might not support the use of H.264 video codec on Linux VDA 7.17. As a result, when you start the Linux VDA 7.17, either a black screen or Error 61 appears. As a workaround, you can disable H.264 through the configuration.js file as follows:

    ‘graphics’ : {    ‘h264Support’ : {    ‘enabled’ : false, [RFHTMCRM-2308]

  • On enrolled devices, when an administrator configures the store URL using Google policy, the Add a Store button is visible but not functional. When you click the button, the store address becomes blank. However, the store remains active. [RFHTMCRM-2264]

  • On Google Chrome devices running on OS 65 and later, the file download operation is not functional. [RFHTMCRM-2259]

  • When you clear the Use all the monitors to span display check box under Multi-monitor settings in a managed Chromebook, attempts to launch a session in full-screen mode can cause the session to span across all monitors. [LC8828]

  • With the Citrix Receiver for Chrome app installed, attempts to use Chromebook devices can result in a blank logon page. [75145985]

  • When TWIMode is set to OFF for an application in the default.ica file, that app always starts in windowed mode. [7558]

  • On Google Chromebooks, XenApp version 6.5 fails to start when you use the Web Interface URL in a Citrix Receiver for Chrome session. [1883]

  • After launching a session using smart card authentication, the session might turn unresponsive when you remove the smart card reader from the Chromebook device. [RFHTMCRM-990]

  • In a desktop session, when you drag the toolbar to the right, a scroll bar appears during the operation. [RFHTMCRM-1483]

  • When you launch an app session in kiosk mode, after disabling the AppSwitcher feature using Google Admin Console policy, the AppSwitcher feature is still functional. [RFHTMCRM-1651]

  • In multi-monitor mode, a scroll bar appears in the app session running on the secondary monitor after you unplug the second monitor. [RFHTMCRM-1652]

  • In a desktop session running in multi-monitor mode, a scroll bar appears on the primary monitor when there is a network disconnect. [RFHTMCRM-1677]

  • When RealTime Connector is installed on the VDA, Skype for Business might not detect the webcam on a Chromebook device. [LC7674]

  • In a multi-monitor configuration, the session might become unresponsive when you drag the session toolbar to the secondary monitor. [RFHTMCRM-1113]

  • In a published RDP application scenario, the application might become inactive. [RFHTMCRM-1541]

  • Launching a published application from a VDA running on Linux might freeze the session. [662083]

  • A session failed to launch from RDP or Citrix ICA double hop scenarios. [653980]

  • Cannot connect to older versions of StoreFront or NetScaler Gateway; a session would open in a browser instead of Citrix Receiver. [653981]

  • CTRL and SHIFT keys did not work when selecting files or text. [654185]